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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Post Art Tour Blur............

So the Art Tour was here and .......... gone!

It wasn't straight forward. It wasn't easy. It wasn't massively successful in terms of selling lots of work ...... I sold enough to make it just worth while.

I did have lots of lovely conversations, tea and home made biscuits with family, friends and neighbours.

And ..... it helped me to realise that a one day summer event, advertised locally and through family, friends, neighbours and my mailing list would probably be just as successful.

So, watch this space for 2015 Art In The Garden Party!

And the blur? It's the Kim Klassen task for last week. 

A photograph which is in focus close up and blurred backdrop. Harder to do than you would think!

I'm not massively in love with this photo, but I'm a week behind, so had to get on with it!

With 52 lessons over a year, I've got to keep up :-)

What do you think? Would love to hear from you..........

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