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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Is it autumn or fall?

I was inspired by Americas love of celebrating 'fall' by decorating their front doors, steps and verandas......gorgeous!

I came home to a friend who has a shop, inspired by my photos of Cape Cod homes, going ape about her autumn while she's looking for a barrow to pile pumpkins in, I've made her some enormous autumn leaves ........and one for my front door ........what do you think?

I swirled watercolour onto cartridge paper and then water sprayed and paper towel dabbing to get some good crunchy texture. Then cut out the big shapes, used a sharpie to draw in veins, cut into the leaves and rolled them to get a leafy shape.......then took them into the garden to photograph and my cat played with them...:-)


  1. What a lovely idea and so beautiful. I get a little down with the passing of summer and the prospect of winter to come but what a great idea. I'm inspired!

  2. This is really fabulous, may take your theme and use it for my home. Thank you for sharing

  3. Do it......let's start a trend ;-) thank you Maggie and Heather for visiting....