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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Still making.......

So, this weeks prompt on Kim Klassen 'Be Still 52' workshop is 'Make' again this week....long may this last, as I'm always making!

This week more making of 'Little Mouse', of which there will be more coming up to publishing.

Also on my work table are the Morocco themed pieces, some of which have morphed into artists books.

I'm going to be teaching a weeks workshop in Morocco next April, at Maison Anglaise in Taurodant ........a whole year to work on what Im going to teach!

I took these shots on my west facing table this afternoon. It may have been the first day of spring here in north UK. 

I walked on a cold, blue, hazy beach this morning, three enormous white swans flew out of the sea mist and honked their way south.

Here are my shots of handpainted papers and folded books.....which give a bit of an optical illusion effect....... 


  1. So colorful and wonderful. Way to go!

  2. Hi's what is on my work setting up or hunting for props!
    Thanks for calling by :-)