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Thursday, 30 April 2015


Wow, have I taken a dive!

Retired and tore a ligament in my knee almost at the same hour!

Talk about slowing down. Im almost at a snails pace right now, with surgery on the horizon.

For a couple of weeks, I was discombobulated and frustrated. 

Now Im just discombobulated, with a dose of low mood! 

Such plans.....London to see the Alexander Mc Queen exhibition, meeting friends for coffees and lunches and some more useful stuff like helping out at the local food bank. Nada! 

(I heard that the Mc Queen exhibition is highly misogynistic ..... anyone out there seen it to confirm/deny?).

Feeling pretty lifeless but got my head around this weeks Kim Klassen prompt, which was about using different containers.

Grabbed some two-lips, (granddaughter speak) and a rather nice, but useless artists box that I bought a while ago as I thought it was a wasnt!

Made the mistake of not spotting the pollen.....

Anyway, week 47 of 52. Im no stiller than I was this time last year, but Im slower!

Here are my did you get on with it?


  1. I love your two-lips :) such a wonderful colour and what a great idea to put them in a box !!!
    Take it easy, well you have to ! and I hope you can run around and do the things you were planning to do, real soon !

  2. Thank you Lily......are you a Be Stiller? How's it going? I was lucky to have the two lips.....!

  3. Tulips are just perfect in the box. Love!

    1. Thank you for calling by Diana.....we're nearly at the end of our year following each others photographs.......

  4. Great combination. Hope you are soon fixed up...what a pain.

  5. Hi Jo...It is...and Im getting to be OK about it. Slowing down, taking stock, crossing a life threshold ( only knew this as I wrote it...thank you!). Not so many more weeks now before Be Still workshop comes to an end.......

  6. oh sad to hear about your knee! hoping that you're back to yourself in no time! i'm sure these lovely tulips brightened your mood as they have mine!

  7. Thank you Kelly. The tulips were from afraid who came to see me last Monday and they're still looking great a week later! How are you doing with Be Still? X

  8. Such a lovely image. Well done!

  9. Thank you Carol.....I'm thinking that my best shots are taken easily and quickly! This one was all done in about 5 mins flat! It's the thinking about what, that takes the time.....