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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Running late with my post for my Kim Klassen photograph workshop 'Be Still 52'.

The propmt was 'use bunting'.......hmmm....I made some very quick bunting with scraps of material, string and staples last year for my 'Art in the Garden' summer weekends to hang in the doorway of the gallery aka shed! It's been hanging there ever since.

I ran outside and took it down, faded and it is with a piece of scrap cartridge paper that has been used to mop up paint, hand made stamps, blogs of ink and a few cut leaves from my autumn window display for 'Halo' in Whitley Bay.


  1. LOVE the colorful pieces and arrangement!!

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  3. Thank you Beverly ...... I was a bit thrown by the bunting suggestion until I remembered that this was still flapping about outside my shed in the garden! Thank you for calling by...:-)