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Sunday, 22 February 2015

So far, so good?

So how are you doing this far into 2015?

I've had a bit of a tricky time...largely attempting to come to terms with having turned 60.

I read a piece of Mareilla Frostrups today in the Observer today about how difficult a time she was having turning 50! Try 60 Mariella! 

I like her writing and presenting, she's 'Mrs Pull yourself together and count your blessings' personified, but has obviously struggled with her half century.

So, back to counting my blessings - and there are plenty of them and getting focussed in the studio. I took a day in a very grey and misty Northumberland to our old static caravan last weekend and got on with some moody northern pieces this week.

They got pinked up! 

Hope they still have that northern feel.......


  1. Hey Jacqui...try 70 ! I have this sense of urgency that time's running out and I have so much to do. Mind you...I'm still in the are you today.

  2. Hey Jo.....70 eh? Still making art and blogging......:-) you're my current role model! I have that feeling much to do. Tell me what's your top 10 things still to be getting on with? I recently realised that there are places I want to visit, all northern, Iceland, Scandinavia, Isle of Skye ..... I'd love to see the northern lights ....all now on my list!