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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Little Mouse.......

This week I have been working on an unusual project.

A friend of mine Ann Dix is a published drama therapist and has asked me to illustrate a short story for children who have been in situations of domestic violence.

Hmmm you ask, how would that work?

The story is such a good one and short. It's called ' Little Mouse'. 

Little Mouse and his mummy find that they are unhappy living with Mummy Mouses' new fella - and they realise that he's not a mouse after all - he's a Rat!!

It took me along time to find 'Little Mouse' in my drawings, but the more I drew mice, the simpler they became until they were just lines. 

Then I did lots of 'just line' mice drawings, using the text to help and then photocopied them so that I could mess some of them up experimenting with ink, paint etc to add colour so that Little Mouse and Mummy Mouse looked different - I settled on differently coloured tails and Mummy has a flower in her hair - to match her tail - of course!

I then photographed them against highly coloured backgrounds - which are big sheets which I use when I'm painting, journaling or printmaking to take up the odd bits of paint that are left over, or print out a new stamp, or try out an ink before printing. These pieces of 'bread and butter' paper are usually used to make handmade books covers from.

May I introduce you to 'Little Mouse' - he's quite shy............

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