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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Sorry for two posts in one day - promise not to do it often!

I've been so busy, not with making art unfortunately, that I've got behind on posting the few things that I have been up to creatively. 

The Kim Klassen 'Be Still' prompt (I'm calling them prompts instead of 'tasks' - you know why!), was about looking back over the last 10 or so weeks and seeing if there was a 'series' of photographs - and, strangely there is!

I have fairly consistently, since finding that the light in my workroom is so beautiful most afternoons, south west facing, the stripped pine floor, my very old studio stool, and the blanket with blue stitching have all made several appearances!

Kim reckons to stay with a theme until it feels 'enough'. So instead of feeling as if I aught to move on, I'm going to do just that.

The light will change as the autumn comes, so I'm interested to see what emerges.

This workshop is a great practice. An e mail every week to give me my prompt and then mulling time, shooting time and to be honest, the uploading and getting the photos on the site take longer than anything else! But it's lovely to have the work out there and even lovelier to have people visit and and say hello.

Here's my series ........

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