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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


My photography work this week is 'unstaged'.

I looked though the photos I'd already taken and found these three.

The apples we're taken at my friend Heathers house when I was visiting back in a June. 

She had bought them and piled them into a glass stand as decoration - as only an interior designer would!

The second two were taken only last night. I have been making a piece of embroidery with silk sari fabric strips and I had found these two feathers during the day and just put them against the bright background ......... and clicked.

Looking at both I am struck by the colour - it's what I love! 

Not really for me muted and pared back!

Here they are......


  1. Love how the colors are shining through the feather !

  2. Thank you for visiting Patricia. The embroidery and the feathers just happened to be next to each other - serendipity!

  3. Thank you Ju......... Just had a peep at your blog and lovely photography - are you just in Blyth? I'm in Whitley Bay.........